005: MELT

From The Editor:

Lately I've been having a lot of seemingly opposite feelings. I struggled to figure out the prompt for this issue and found myself wanting to melt... into the ground from life's hardships, feel the heat of summer melting my skin, and also the melting feeling of falling in love.  It's a strange word that can mean a type of sandwich or to vanish, and with such oddly different definitions in between (literally and socially), I thought maybe other people would resonate with MELT in one way or another. I love that this word can be an idea or a literal action. "Melt my heart", melting popsicles, he melted away, tuna melt...

Many things we interact with daily can melt, and in a broader perspective everything melts together, apart, or away. Melting is a fundamental part of existence, but also a trivial one, and that makes me feel like everything is going to be ok. Both monumental and insignificant. 

I'm so pleased with all the interpretations of this prompt, and how this issue came together. I'd like to thank all of the submitting artists, new and reoccurring.

Keep making rad shit,

Kami Baergen

Submitting Artists:

Jeff Beaver, Casey Brooks, Alex Crawford, Nathan Dillaha, Kai KennedyCherilyn Kurtz, Jonathan Linsenby, Camden Moser, Jen Mundy, Jer Nelsen, Payton Newcomer, Hannah Perez, Guy Stevens, Carley Stone, Joshua Sullivan, K Baergen, Matthew Sharer