From The Editor:

I, like you, have spent a lot of time eating breakfast. A portion of most every day of my life. Sometimes it's just a handful of nuts and other times it s full spread of breads, eggs, and fruit. I prefer my mornings to be methodical and ritualistic, so I value the process of making coffee and preparing foods, but I also love a full, busy day, where you pick something up along the way. 

As I was thinking about this next issue I found myself really overwhelmed by my internet experience: news, instafame and weirdo algorithms that have left me dissatisfied with surfing and scrolling. The world seems to have turned upside down and the news is really daunting, confusing and disheartening. While I'm all for making culturally relevant and political art, I didn't want to force something heavy, but rather make room for something lighthearted. I chose Breakfast because it's a universal activity (that we all love). Everyone around the world has breakfast, it just looks different to different people and cultures. As the last issue of the summer, our one year anniversary (ish. and a little head nod to SNACKS), I thought it might be a fun prompt to honor one of the most important things in life, again, food. 

At any moment, on any day, someone out there is having breakfast. 

     Keep making rad shit, 

     Kami Baergen

Contributors: Abigale Coppage, Ashley Trabue, Jeff Beaver, Danielle AtkinsJess Rose Clark, Josh Sullivan, Louisa Laz-Hirsch, Hillary Pearson, K Baergen, Kai Kennedy, Katie Collins, KB, Kirsten Kaiser, Jonthan Lisenby, Madison Mosher, Michael Kaiser, Graeme Morris, Danielle Shoda