POSIDRAG is a zine of sorts, a collection of drawings by my friends and acquaintances 

My friend and I wanted to stay creatively connected with 900 miles in-between us, so we decided to finally make the zine we always talked about. A challenge: here's a prompt, make a page. As everyone gets older, and we collect creative friends, yet continue to be transient, the idea of staying connected in a small, but creatively challenging way feels exciting and comforting. One of my favorite activities in the past year or so has been games of Draw + Pass - a drawing exercise to get some ideas flowing. With a prompt and size restraint, I wanted to see how many friends would participate, but more importantly I wanted to see how their brains would interpret a simple idea.

POSIDRAG is a made up word. It means something like ying yang, but a positive drag, or maybe it's just something I misheard and really like how it felt to say (and think). 

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