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Note from the Editor:

Shadows are an essential part of life. Without them we have an overwhelming amount of light and a lack of definition or difference. They’re the trace of the past, our relatives’ passing down in us, our scars which linger, the remains of a presence, object or feeling. We all have shadows, are shadows, create shadows. It’s part of what makes us human and different from one another.

If everything were perfect would we have the ability to appreciate it? If everything were fun and exciting, it would be exhausting. Have you ever been without shade in the middle of a heatwave? It’s miserable.

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I chose this prompt to observe and praise what’s often overlooked or wrongly categorized. Shadow is visual, but figurative, obscure, natural. It is imperative to light. It’s what gives dimension and intrigue. It encourages strength, intimacy, silence, and whispering (the kind that speaks honestly, essentially). It’s what breaks up the monotonous. Without shadow there is no darkness and without darkness can we ever truly appreciate light?

Keep making rad shit, 

Kami Baergen

Contributing Artists: Dona Bells, Sophie Stewart, Matthew Shurrrr, J. Beaver, Anjeanette, K Baergen, Bianca Bee Fanty, Alex Crawford, Danielle Shoda, Lindsy Davis, Kirsten Kaiser, Samantha Harding, Guy Stevens, KB, Abigale Coppage, Madison Mosher, Ashley Trabue, and Zeynep Önal


This year we’ll choose one submission to print and release with each issue.

Kicking it off with Matthew Shurrrr’s submission. Printed in and shipped from Nashville, TN.